Matt’s Abridged Bio

Hello All!

I hope that this blog finds you well–physically and mentally!  If you’re not mentally well…then join the club!

Shout out to all my ED 517-ers out there…

Basic stuff first–I’m 26, and live in Clearfield, PA.  I am currently working for my father in business–truck transportation!  Maybe you’ve seen one or two trucks of ours on the road?  They have a big KEPHART spelled out on the trailers…and they most likely stink!  We haul MSW–or as you and I like to call it, trash.  And on a Monday morning in mid-July, my office is not a fun place to smell!

Business–not just trash!–isn’t my passion, however.  I graduated in 2006 from Boston College with double majors in Philosophy and Political Science.  I absolutely loved Boston and my undergrad experience!  But when May of my senior year rolled around, I found myself a bit lost/unmotivated/unsure of what I wanted to do next.  I had applied to graduate programs for philosophy–to teach, inevitably–and had some very good options there.  But I ended up calling my father and asking him if I could work for him for a few years while I “decided on my future.” I’ve been working for him since.

A few years ago, I realized that business is not for me, and began a quest back to education/academics.  I finish the classes at Clarion in the fall, and begin student teaching in the spring.  And immediately after that, begin stressing out in a search for a job!  I’ll be certified in Social Studies, but have also taken my Praxis in English–either would be great to teach, and I’m hoping to be a bit more marketable.

Almost immediately after moving to Clearfield to work for my father, I met and fell in love with an art teacher from a local high school.  We were just married 3 weeks ago–on a cruise boat destined for Bermuda with both of our families.  We had a great time, and I’m still getting used to the ring on my finger–fidgeting with it as I type!  We purchased a 110-year-old home together last summer, and have been working hard to bring it to 2010.  We live there with our two fat cats and our puppy, Sophie–the nicest boxer you’ll ever meet.

Mr. and Mrs. Kephart

My hobbies center around the outdoors–hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing.  I also play music–mandolin in a local bluegrass band.  If you’re ever in the Clearfield area, come check us out some weekend!

Looking forward to the class, as well as maintaining my blog!

“Speak” soon!



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