Should Teachers Be Given Laptops?

I’ll try to be as unbiased as I can here, to take a look at it from a taxpayers’, school boards’, administrators’, and educators’ points of view.

From a taxpayer’s perspective, the question would be thus:  Would purchasing laptops significantly positively enhance our students’ education?  The use of the word “significant” is important here, because it would be a very significant purchase for a school to make financially.  Taxpayers would want to be assured by the board members that this was indeed a beneficial purchase, and their money was being spent wisely.

From a board member’s perspective, the question would be:  How exactly would a purchase like this help teachers and thus, students?  The school board has been elected in order to make sure the money collected from the district is spent in a responsible manner.  They would be interested in being able to quantify (or, at the least, make tangible) the educational benefits.

Administrators would be tasked with the role of making sure teachers were in fact utilizing the laptops effectively in the classrooms.  Their question would be more along the lines of:  How am I able to oversee the efficient and effective use of these laptops?

Teachers would be responsible for showing the administration exactly how they are utilizing these laptops in their classroom, and how the laptop positively increases their ability to teach effectively.  Research and initiatives have been produced to show just that.



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