Do Schools Need Technology Coaches?

The board at my wife’s school recently put the district’s “technology coach” under scrutiny–basically asking the man to defend the existence of his job at a board meeting open to the public on Monday.  You can read about it in the local Clearfield paper, here, if you are so inclined.  Part of me feels bad for him, as it would be a tough position to find yourself in:  a public apology of your job!

But part of me was frustrated because the questions by the board members weren’t the correct ones!  The question should have been:  What do you do?  It should have been:  Why does this school need a technology coach?

I believe there was (<–past tense!) at one point a need for such a position:  someone to coach the teachers in the use of technology, helping them integrate these resources into their classrooms.  But with teachers being increasingly more exposed to technology outside of the classroom (not to mention, being required to take courses in order to obtain a certification!), how necessary is someone that will “show teachers how to use computers,” as the article says?

Is a “technology coach” a dying position for schools to have?



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