Extracurricular Activities and Technology

Students’ lives don’t end when the leave the classroom–that’s a fact I hope I don’t forget when I begin my teaching career.  As a student who was involved in everything I could be–sports, music, clubs, etc.–I remember fondly my time spent out of the classroom in extracurricular activities more so than time spent in the classroom.  As a teacher, I will be an advocate for these activities, as the benefits have been documented and proven.

Following the theme of the course, I’m going to take time here to show just a few examples of online technology resources for coaches and advisers, as well as students who participate in these activities.

As a high school girls soccer assistant coach, my head coach and I spent a lot of time at this site. The downloadable “gadget” allowed us to group skills and drills together, and provided us with some great ideas for practice.

In speaking with the high school baseball coach, he also relies on technology to assist with his coaching.  He utilizes this site to help him with ideas, as well as makes players research their positions individually.  At the high school age, muscle memory and physical skills are often in place to the extent that focus on cerebral understanding is often center to a practice.

Music is also one of the most popular activities in schools, and chief among the different groups is  marching band.  There are several sites that offer ideas for field shows and/or music, but this site is a site that allows free downloads of all music content.  Additionally, users have the opportunity to upload original scores and compositions to make available on the site.

I would be remiss (and perhaps chastised by my wife!)  if I did not also mention art as well.  In her teaching, she has had success with this site, which offers lesson plans as well as instructional videos for students.  User content is not uploaded, but a discussion/chat feature on the site allows her to see feedback.  She is also notified of any updates to the site, such as a new instructional video or art supply available.

These are four very simple sites that help indicate one thing:  technology is available for educational activities beyond the classroom for both students as well as coaches/advisers.

Till next time!



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