Are County Fairs too Antiquated?

It’s fair week in Clearfield!  Anyone else going?

My wife is an art teacher, and entered about 30 pieces of her students’ artwork into the high school contest this year, so we got to go in and walk around today for a bit.  We walked through two of the expo buildings and–as usual–there were many vendors promoting just about everything there.

“Just about” everything.

The ONLY bit of technology that was there was a cell phone company, selling phone covers. Phone covers.  Not the actual phones.  Just the covers.  Heh.

(A bit of a rabbit trail follows, along with a shameless plug)

I have the pleasure of working with a man who, with his wife, run and operate a local candle company.  REALLY nice candles!  In speaking with Steve this week, he made the offhand comment that it seems like less and less young people are attending the fair each year.  It used to be the highlight of the summer for everyone–young and old–but it now seemed like “kids come in for a bit, then leave after getting something to eat.  We hardly ever see them around the expo buildings, unless they are with their parents.”

Back to my comments above:  do I think there is a relationship between the lack of technology present at a county fair and the observations made by my coworker about the dwindling number of young people?


Should I take this into consideration when planning lessons, activities, projects, etc. with my future classroom?


After all, I’d hate to have a pre-dwindled interest in my classroom.  Gotta keep up with the Joneses.  Less Cows.  More technology.


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  1. cupprof Said:

    So how would more technology be integrated into a county fair? It needs to be, as you said… but how?

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