A More In-Depth Vision of Networking with My Students

As I stated in a previous post, I am very interested in being able to capture the time my futures students spend on social media networks such as Facebook for educational purposes.  “Mr. Kephart’s Facebook Page” could be a real supplemental tool for my classroom.

My vision here is that there could be a page where students could check their assignments online.  When I was in high school, we had something called “the homework hotline” that students could call.  Teachers would record their assignments via a voice message every day, and students would be able to call and listen to the recording to get the assignment if they forgot to write it down, or misplaced their assignment details.

A “teacher’s website” is currently being utilized by most of the teachers I know–details about the course, due dates, the teachers themselves, etc.  I think that Module #3’s detail of web feeds, RSS feeds, etc. would be the next logical step.  If the student is alerted whenever the teacher makes a change to a page, or adds another bit of information, etc., it would really help those that are connected.  Facebook really seems like a good medium for this for two reasons:  it is very conducive to such a feed, and more importantly–an increasing number of students have access and utlize the site.

My fear is always that some students will be left out, though.  So my question to any who read this:  Would it be fair to use a facebook page to assist in my teaching?  Or should I skip it so some students do not feel left out?  I have no desire to make it a NECESSARY component of the classroom, just simply an additional medium to access their brains!

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  1. cupprof Said:

    I think a Facebook page is a great idea, but beware…. many schools are telling their teachers they are “not permitted” to connect with their students on social networking sites. You will have to be careful, as there are reasons to worry about who shares and what they share with you, but many teachers make it work!

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