Technology within the Boundaries of Mere Reason

Immanuel Kant = The Man

Kant suggests in one of his ancillary writings, one must orient himself first within objective reasoning before moving to more subjective speculations.   Just as he purports, so too shall I make the bold statement:  We must first make sure to ground ourselves in the fundamentals of educational decision making, then move to incorporate mediums such as technology.  Without first asking ourselves “what is the purpose of the technology in the classroom,” we run the risk of using technology for technology’s sake.

….actually, that may not be such a bold statement.  It may be much more on the obvious side of things than bold, in fact.

But my own reasoning (not Transcendental Deduction reasoning…just plain old figurin’ things out) tells me it’s an important statement to consider and acknowledge.  When preparing ideas for this post (and most likely, subsequent posts!), I find myself consistently returning to the question–What type of technological ___________ (insert noun here…projects?  problems?  benefits?  disadvantages?) am I going to have in my future classroom?

An idea like that seems to be something that will most likely be answered–and answered repeatedly throughout my career–when I begin teaching.  But I wanted to take a moment and step back to acknowledge the fact that I need to make sure I have a good tool box in place before I add technology into the mix.  I need to make sure that it is one of the tools–not The Whole Shebang.  I can’t let technology be my everything.  I don’t want to be the topic of articles such as this one, describing the detrimental effects on students.

That being said–again, perhaps too obvious to mention–we cannot ignore the opportunity to take advantage of this tool!  Only a fool would ignore its uses, or remain willfully ignorant on its effects on students’ everyday lives.

“Kant” fool me–I’ll be using technology often in my classroom.

Just not too much.  (Hopefully).

Any articles out there helping a future teacher out trying to find where that line of “enough” and “too much” is?




  1. 517rja Said:


    Do you think students depend too much on technology? Is the jury still out on this question? When I taught in a inner city school, kids could do great thinks on a computer but couldn’t write an essay in class without the computer.

    • mtkephart Said:

      I agree! I think the sheer time they spend on technology makes them so familiar with that type of communication/thought/etc. that other types become foreign….

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