Where are all the Education Apps?

Hello all!

My phone was recently eligible for an upgrade, and I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on a smartphone–a sleek piece of technology from Motorola called the Droid X.  I’ve never had one of these phones before—by “these phones,” I mean smartphones such as the iPhone, Evo, Adroid, or a dozen other phones.  (Author’s Note:  I thought about inserting hyperlinks for each of those phones, but decided to just let those companies do their own advertising!)

My thoughts?  One word, really:  FREAKINAWESOME

Without gushing over its functions (see link above) or describing all of the cool apps that it offers (oh, and there are LOTS of them),  I wanted to write about the potential educational uses for such a device.  Do I think that there could ever be a room full of students, each armed with their own smartphone, ready to delve into the technology at the touch of a finger?

I read an article this week about How Smartphones Sparked an Educational Revolution. Two things struck me from that article–first is the amount of time kids spend with media!  Similar numbers to the videos that Dr. M posted last week.  Will those numbers ever cease to amaze me?  Probably not!

Second was that the apps described in that article were geared to very young kids–toddlers even.  A quick search on my Droid X app list proved ZERO matches with the word “education.”

I Google-Searched “educational smartphone apps” and came up with this link. #1 on the list of 100?  A cookie making app.  And #6?  Dress-Up doll.


There’s gotta be more educational apps than that, right??

Having trouble finding them….anyone out there have any more luck?



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